Nokia Sues apple for 32 Technology patent infringement

Why Nokia Sues apple ? – On 21 December 2016 Nokia was fill up the Number of Complains against the another Smartphone fr their Patent infringement. as the Reaction the Iphone maker Company also filled up the lawsuits against the Nokia Corporation and blame for 32 Technology patent.

Nokia Corporation Fill up the Lawsuits in Dusseldorf , mannheim , Munich, Germany,and Us Court to Secure their Texas, Cover patent for Display screens, Graphical user Interface, Software, Video coding & Chip sets.

Nokia Sues apple for patent Infrigement

It is appear like another Patent War which will be Nokia Vs Apple . We all know that Few days ago PayPal Also complain that the Paytm Logo is Originally copied from the Paypal logo.

Nokia Sues Apple for the Infringement of 32 technology patent and Now on Monday Apple Inc Removes Nokia’s Withing products from its store which is Following patent Suit.

According to recent News report they Pull Down the all Withing products from Apple store . Withing Creates Wi-Fi scales and health/fitness gears .

Its not First time when Nokia Filled Lawsuits against the Apple , Nokia Sues apple in 2009 also . In year 2009 when apple was Agree to take Licence from Nokia but Now in 2016 They refuse to take a New licence.


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