Nokia Edge Launching date delayed now it will Release in Second Quarter of year 2017

Nokia Edge the upcoming android Smartphone will be Going to launch in year 2017 Between march and July . As You all know Nokia edge Launching date was set to January 2017 but due to some reason it Delayed.

This Device will comes with Edge to Edge 2k display screen , Quick charge Feature (your Phone battery will be charged under the 15 minutes ) , Long battery backup , Super fast Processor and amazing Camera quality (Equivalent to DSLR professional Cameras).

Nokia Edge Launching date :

Nokia will Launch its Brand new Low budget android Smartphone D1C and Middle range mobile phone C1 first . That’s why the Nokia Edge  Launching date will be Delayed.

So when will Nokia edge Release ?

Till now Nokia edge 2017 expected Release date is January 2017 but due to Some reasons it will be Launch after first Quarter of year 2017 .

Nokia first want to Establish themselves in Feature phone Market that why Nokia 150 will be available soon for Customers. After the Keypad phones the Low budget android Smartphone will be Release with Good battery backup , Stylish looks.

Nokia Edge is high Budget android Smartphone which will Comes when the Company secure its position in Industry .

Nokia Edge Launching date is Set Between march 2017 to July 2017 in United State , United kingdom and till end of the year it will be available in  Asian countries like India , China , Japan .

Reason why Nokia edge Launching date is Delayed

Nokia edge release date is Delayed Because

  1. It will be the High Budget Smartphone just like Apple Iphone 7 , Google pixel  & Samsung galaxy S7 Edge . Nokia needs time before reveal this .
  2. Company will release the Keypad Featured phone, Low & Middle Budget smartphone with Hmd Global first so they can secure their position.
  3. Manufacturing these phones will takes time more then Normal mobile phone.

That’s why Nokia edge Launching date is delayed and it will be release in Second Quarter on year 2017.

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