Android powered Nokia Phone launches sales in EA’s market video

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Nokia has announced, that The Nokia X part of the new Nokia family of lower end smartphones that run Android apps has begun selling in Kenya. The Nokia X features, Fastlane, a screen which lets users, switch between their favorite apps, more smoothly.


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  1. C. Lincoln

    Nokia had Africa on LOCK, but they messed – and lost that market, maybe they will be able to get it back, but it was dumb of them to try to go Apple's way when there was already a FREE platform that was opensource – they should have jumped on that waggon, instead they listened to the dumbos at Microsoft.

    Maybe its not too late, if they get the price right, because I was a very big nokia fan once, but once Android came out, it was over – I waited for a Android version of Nokia but it never came so I moved on, but the brand still has a place in my heart for their quality phones from the early 2000s. 🙂

    Give a reason for Africans to buy them: 1) Build Factories in Africa and create thousands of jobs (cheap labour) and promote that you are not only selling phones to Africans but also helping their economy grow by creating jobs and paying taxes…. That would be a HUGE incentive for africans to choose Nokia over the Chinese brands… but watch that space, coz I guarantee you the Chinese will be building factories in Africa any time now. Give a little, get a little.

    July 18, 2017

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